Closed Superbowl Sunday

To celebrate the great US holiday of “the big game” we will be closed Sunday. Have a great day!

Loving Life

Once a year there is a magical time that is unlike any other. Our Cinco de Mayo celebration is bursting with music, friendship, family and community. As owners, this is a priceless time where we see the fruits of our labor in ways far more precious than money.

We love you, Kansas City. You are our home, our friends, our family.


Cinco de Mayo 2013

Join us on Saturday, May 4, to celebrate Cinco de Mayo! We’ll have great music, fun, drink and food specials all day! It’s a great way to share our Aztecan culture with the whole family.

Committed to Kansas City

Many of you may know José as the chef from the former Agave Restaurant in Parkville. After several years working with other restaurateurs in upscale communities in California and a resort in Cabo San Lucas, the Barreras came to Kansas City to work with Agave. After settling in, they discovered they loved our city. No surprise to the rest of us who also love Kansas City, but for a family that had lived in some of the most glamorous areas of the continent, it was—shall we say—unexpected?

Their reasons are what we all have come to take for granted: opportunity, friendliness, supportive community, great resources, impressive culture, low traffic, and a great place to raise a family—which they started doing right away. Now José’s third little one is on the way. With grandma and grandpa and Uncle Cecilio joining the family, they are gladly laying down roots here.

After Agave, they were left with a decision. Do they seek out yet another restaurateur or strike out on their own? The strength of their family and commitment to Kansas City gave them the answer.  Their decision to open their own restaurant in the Northland was quickly rewarded. With a near cult-like following, they are watching with wide-eyed joy as their dream of creating high quality, authentic Mexican food as a family is being realized.